Sunday, October 23, 2011

Product Review: Wet Effect Fight Shorts

Thank you mouthpiece for protecting my teeth and making me look like a duck

Over the years I've owned a number of fight shorts, from the first version of the Sprawl short to later incarnations by Fighting, Jaco and Truth. All of these board shorts were made for men and thus, hit right around the knee on my rather short legs. I've been looking for some time for a pair of board shorts for women that were not pink or camouflaged, not that there is anything wrong with those design aspects, but because in the gym, I like to wear black. Therefore, I was delighted to see that Wet Effect, a long-time purveyor of fight shorts that could be purchased blank or emblazoned with a personal or company logo, was now making board shorts for women.
I ordered about fifteen items from them, primarily consisting in fight shorts and grappling tops for my guys, but did a prototype of the Women's Fight short and the Women's Vale Tudo short for myself.

Photo from Wet Effect Website

Wet Effect Women's Fight Short
Manufacturer Information:
  • Super durable stretch microfiber
  • Side seam split
  • Lycra flex panel
  • Adjustable drawcord in waistband


Fit:  The shorts are sized based on regular numeric pant sizing in the United States and stock sizes 2-14.  I typically wear a 4 in dresses but I ordered a 6 in the Fight Shorts and I am glad I did.  They sit near the natural waistline, are loose on the legs and hit several inches above my knee.  There is a drawcord in the waistband, but I found it cumbersome and immediately took mine out since the shorts fit and are in no danger of falling down.  Thank goodness for birthing hips (no babies).

My favorite part about these shorts is the length, although the side slits can sometime ride dangerously high.  I believe that's what compression shorts are for. 

Work those pale legs, girl
Quality: Like many fight shorts utilizing the seminal design of Sprawl, the Wet Effect Fight shorts have an elastic inseam

Price:  $32.  Screen printing a logo is an extra $4 per item.  These puppies are half the price of average fight shorts, plus you can add your own log for a couple extra bucks. could have your very own pair of fight shorts that say "Dana White is a Tool."  Look for those to be appearing on the Pugilista website soon.

The Verdict:
These bad boys have become my new favorite fight shorts.  Although I tend to like wearing Vale Tudo shorts for conditioning, the board short style from Wet Effect is perfect.  It is wonderful to see a company carry gear for women...especially since it is not covered with smatterings of hot pink tribal scroll.

Go to the Wet Effect website to order


Katrina said...

Great review, thanks! And this: " could have your very own pair of fight shorts that say 'Dana White is a Tool.'" had me rolling off the couch - hysterical! I'm still cracking up...

Just wondering - so many of the shorts have room in the front for a man's "junk" and nothing in the back for ladies' "junk" - how about these short??

The Pugilista said...

Hi Katrina! I know exactly what you are talking about, the "junk space" that is so prevalent in fighting shorts. These particular shorts from Wet Effect do not have that, plus they are very roomy in the back, where I definitely carry quite a bit of junk.

Unfortunately, the vale tudo shorts from Wet Effect do require a cup to wear them and while I am all for wearing men's training gear when appropriate, I don't really need a cup.

Matt the Gi Addict said...

There is a UK company, Tatami Fightwear, who also produce boardshorts and vale tudo shorts in ladies cut.
Can't say I wear them myself (being a man) but a lot of the girls at our club do and seem to like them.
The might be worth a look - I know budovideos stock some Tatami Fightwear gear (Gis etc.)