Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Product Review: Lilac Black Football Pants

I've been eyeing these Lilac Black football pants listed on Title's website for a while now, so when I received a couple to order through their website, I was thrilled to give them a try.  I am not sure exactly why Lilac Black, a small women's sports apparel company, is sold through Title Boxing, because there is nothing particularly combative about their gear.  However, these pants were so hella cute, I couldn't resist buying a pair. 

Manufacturer Information:
Blending the rugged functional look of a vintage football pant with the curves of a woman's body was too tempting. We started with our signature performance fabric for maximum comfort and durability. Then we added the "players" detailing that is also super slimming: contrast stitching, a wide waistband with drawcord and below-the-knee length. Seriously, "old school" never looked so good.

Key Features:
  • Adjustable straps
  • Slimming stitching detail on the thighs
  • Goodie Pocket hidden inside waistband
  • Drawcord for those pesky skinny days*

*Y'all...I've never heard of a pesky skinny day, but maybe that is just me.


Fit:  These puppies fit beautifully.
Waist:  The waist sits a bit higher than some capri pants which is nice because I never have to tug on them to stay in place.   There is a drawstring at the waist, which I find to be somewhat annoying and unnecessary.  When pants fit as well as these do, a drawstring is simply a distraction.  Unless, as suggested above, you are having one of those 'pesky skinny days,' which I guarantee 99.99% of women have never experienced. 
Legs:  The pants are extremely fitted, but also very flattering.  I'll admit it...I always judge a pair of pants by how good they make my ass look.  Judge for yourself below. 
Calf:  They hit at the middle of the calf and actually stay in place there, too.

Quality:  I imagine that all of Lilac Black's gear is very well made...the price certainly reflects that supposition.  Truly, these are the most comfortable pants I have ever worn.  This past Saturday, I lifted for an hour at the gym, worked on my kicks, went and had coffee with Mike, hit up a birthday party at Jump Street (a magical warehouse filled with trampolines), ate Thai food with friends, then sat around my house and watched Hannah, all while wearing these pants.  I was physically comfortable, but I also felt like I could go to many different places and not feel like a total schlub.  The pants look expensive and...quite frankly, are.

Price:  Lilac Black and Title list the football pants at $72.  I am an incredibly frugal person.  I feel a bit out of my element when I am wearing these...like I should be shopping at Whole Foods with my crossfit buddies (who are all wearing Lulumon) at Cherry Creek (ritzy neighborhood in Denver) while I rock my Lilac Black pants.   Again, this may be my middle-class upbringing, but I am hesitant to spend this much money on a pair of workout pants again.  
The Verdict:

The Lilac Black Football pants are incredibleThey are warm and comfortable, great fitting and seriously cute.  But the price makes me a little bit uncomfortable.  I am the kind of person who delights in seeing runners wearing sweats and old running shoes and routinely makes fun of the $200 compression socks you see middle-aged yuppies wearing in the grocery store in Denver.  I realize that $72 isn't that expensive.  I spend that much on my Chanel foundation or at a casual dinner date with Mike.  Would I buy these again?  You bet your sweet ass I would.  If for no other reason than my own ass and how incredible it looks in these pants.
Pants in Action!

Go to www.LilacBlack.com or www.TitleBoxing.com to see more apparel from Lilac Black 


Anna Butrick said...

Thanks for the awesome review. We are so happy you loved the fit and high performance quality.Our pants are not super cheap, but they are great value for your buck. You look amazing kicking serious bootie in your video. We would love to post your comments and video on our website, facebook, and blog.
Thanks again for working out, living, and giving us a shout out!

anna b

L.A. Jennings said...

Hi Anna!

You are more than welcome to post this review, pics and video. I wore the pants last night to teach women's kickboxing and had a couple new compliments from the girls. So stinking cute.