Thursday, December 1, 2011

Inspiration Thursday: Girls Gone Strong

Last night it snowed nearly six inches in Denver.  While many of my friends are celebrating, this Florida native does not enjoy the blindingly white blanket of freezing misery draped across my car, sidewalk and front stoop.  Needing extra inspiration to get into the gym and train this cold Thursday, I had to call on the newly formed powerhouse of Girls Gone Strong.

Girls Gone Strong is a group of seven women seeking to "Redefine what it means to train like a girl!"  Although my foundation is in martial arts, I have started lifting regularly in the past year and am incredibly inspired, like many, by these women who promote the union of strength and beauty.  Check out their videos below, then go lift!

Weighted pull-ups and olympic lifting with your girlfriends?  Sign me up.

Okay...I'm officially ready to train after watching Nia deadlift and Alli bang out one-arm push-ups.

My version of 'training like a girl' includes deadlifts, overhead press, pull-ups, focus mitt work and, of course, working on the shot. 

If you haven't already, go 'Like' Girls Gone Strong on Facebook and Twitter!

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