Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Product Review: Jaco Hybrid Training Tights
Jaco is a new MMA apparel company that has become wildly popular amongst fighters and fitness enthusiasts alike.  My husband has a pair of the Filipino flag board shorts, which he loves, so I was eager to try out their Womens apparel.  This is a review of the Hybrid compression tights and I will post a review in the future of the long-sleeved training top.

 Manufacturer Information:
Jaco Clothings full length training tights offer a sleek form fitting shape and performance moisture wicking fabrics.
  • Comfortable elastic waistband
  • Contrast Flat-lock stitched panels provide a flattering athletic silhouette
  • This garment is made with 87% Nylon and 13% Spandex
  • Care: Machine wash cold, tumble dry low, do not bleach

Taken on a 'pesky' fat day
Fit:  The pants have a low-rise waist which is comfortable to stand around in but becomes a pain when you start to move.  I am constantly tugging at them to make sure they don't slip down and reveal my butt crack, so I don't typically wear these guys when I am boxing (boxing gloves = no pant adjustment = plumbers butt).  They are very fitted through the entire leg but not at the very bottom hem, which I really like.  Last night, I received an impromptu acupuncture session (long story) and needed to pull the pants up to my knees.  It was extremely tough to do so because the pants are so fitted and my calves are pretty large.  I don't think that is a bad thing; I never have to pull down the hem which is a typical occurrence when wearing capris. Although the website shows the model wearing these pants as capris, I am extremely short, so the hem sits right at the top of my ankles.  To sum up, the fit throughout the butt and legs is fantastic; the fit at the waist is a little too low-rise for my taste.

Rear view
Style:  Again, although the low-waist is not particularly well suited to actual training, I do think the pants are extremely flattering.  The white seaming down the sides and across the seat of the pants create a streamlined look, which all gals can appreciate.

Quality:  You can tell that all of Jaco's apparel is incredibly well made and comfortable.  Note in the lifting picture that I am wearing one of their "Walk-Out" t-shirts, which is basically the most amazing tee I have ever owned.  I don't plan on writing reviews of t-shirts y'all, but just be satisfied that I am planning to buy a ton of them for Xmas gifts this year.

Price:  $49.99.  Midrange for women's fitness apparel

Requisite ass shot

The Verdict:  
I am a little torn here.  I love my other Jaco gear, including the t-shirt and the incredible training top I will review soon.  The constant tugging on the waist of the pants is pretty damn annoying; so much so that I will probably not wear these pants for any type of martial arts or running.  If the pants were restructured with a higher waistline or perhaps a drawcord to cinch the waist, I would be willing to give these guys another go in the gym.  Until then, I may save them for errand-running as I acquiesce to the Coloradian yuppy trend of hitting the grocery store in workout know...just to alert all other shoppers that I exercise. 

Pants in Action!

Check out Jaco's Hybrid Full Length Training Tights and the rest of their women's training apparel

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