Thursday, January 19, 2012

Inspiration Thursday: Miesha Tate


With all the hype from Ronda Rousey's emphatic invitation to Miesha Tate to join her in the ring, it has gone unnoticed, on this blog, that Tate has been nothing short of classy.  Rather than making a snarky rejoinder, Tate quietly responded and will now fight the upstart Rousey March 3rd.
Tate has an impressive 12-2 professional record and a large following of devoted MMA fans who love her not just for her fighting skills, but also her incredible hotness.  Yeah, I don't want women to be judged solely on their looks in the context of a fight, but I've got to admit, Miesha is insanely gorgeous.

In response to Rousey claiming that Tate "had a problem" fighting her, Tate responded:
Do I feel you're the No. 1 contender in our division? No. I feel that Sarah Kaufman had the rugged pulled right out from under her feet. Not necessarily your fault, but she was promised the spot that you have right now. It was on national television, I had beat Marloes and they brought her in and said, "Hey you're the No. 1 contender. You're coming off two solid wins." And then you come in, 4-0 and never having fought in our division, and you run your mouth, you say, "I'm marketable," and this fight makes sense because I'm marketable, and you get it. That's fine. I'm going to fight you because that's my job. If they tell me to fight you, I'm going to shut up and do that. I don't care who I fight. But morally? Who do I think deserved it? Sarah Kaufman. We're going to fight.

This video of Miesha is sweet and funny but also demonstrates her incredible drive and tenacity.  A high school wrestler and early practitioner of MMA, Miesha talks about her start in the sport and where she plans to go in the future.  Girlfriend is a hero, an absolute icon for female fighters everywhere.  I enjoyed watching her hit mitts and fight, but I think the real gem is her discussion of how she plans mentally for the ring.  Also, her abs are sick.  Just saying.

Miesha Tate Mini Documentary from Fighter Dolls on Vimeo.

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