Thursday, November 17, 2011

Inspiration Thursday: Debi Purcell (My Hero)

Thursdays are tough days for me.  The weekly hump is over and I am closer to the weekend, but I am starting to get tired and worn out from the three previous days of training.  With Friday as a buffer and Saturday morning as the end of my training week, Thursdays tend to be days where I feel ennui and a sizeable lack of motivation.  Thus, Thursdays on Pugilista will now be dedicated to inspiration people or methodologies to help incite motivation for my workout.

This week...introducing the one, the only, the original bad-ass, Debi Purcell!

Nickname: Whiplash
Weight: 135 lb (61.23 kg)
Height: 5 ft. 6 in (167.64cm)
Record: 4-2-0
Style: Brazilian Vale Tudo
Attributes: Cutting Leg Kicks, Brutal Ground and Pound, Relentless Pace


  • First woman to win in King of the Cage
  • Ultimate Wrestling World Title Belt Holder
  • Hook-N-Shoot Revolution Winner, 2002
  • Headlined Hook-N-Shoot the first ever all women MMA card in US history
  • Ultimate Wrestling Minnesota Winner
  • Earned Black Belts in Ruas Vale Tudo, BJJ and TKD
  • Holds the World Title Belt in MMA’s UMA
  • Smack Girl Japan Veteran
  • Showtime EliteXC Veteran
  • State Black Belt Full Contact Champion
  • First & Only Female Coach on Fox’s International Fight League
  • First Best-Selling Century Instructional authored by a female fighter
Um, Debi...can I have your shoulders and your quads please?
In addition to being an incredible fighter, Debi is the only woman ever to be made a coach for the IFL.  She is also the brains behind FighterGirl, a website dedicated to promoting female fighters.  FighterGirl, as every knows, also has an incredible store with products designed for women and girls.  I spend many hours drooling over their apparel and shin-pads (I need a new pair, y'all). 
This is my favorite part about Debi...homegirl is so supportive of female fighters whether professional or total newbs.  When I was starting out, I had an obsession with Debi.  At the time, she was still fighting and I was a newb who needed inspiration.  I watched videos of Debi fighting and one incredible training vid, which I can no longer find, of her wailing on a Thai bag with her brutal switch-kick.  While testing for my Blue Belt in 2007, my old coach emailed Debi to tell her about my training.  A couple of days later, she sent a signed photo to me that instructed me to "keep kicking butt."  Y'all...if my house was on fire, I could grab my wedding ring, my PinUpGirl dresses and this photo.  Oh yeah, and the dog.  He can come, too.  


Debi Purcell said...

Thank you for that lovely blog it is much appreciated

The Pugilista said...

Okay...I peed a little bit when I saw Debi commented here. You are awesome Debi! (add in high-pitched fan girl squeal) - L.A.