Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Product Review: Atama Vale Tudo Shorts

I have a weakness for vale tudo shorts.  I love the comfort of wearing spandex shorts, especially the feeling of fabric creating a buffer between my thighs which always have rubbed together.  Although I detest running, I find spandex preferable to traditional loose running shorts because it keeps my thighs from chaffing.  Vale tudo shorts are perfect for kickboxing, wrestling, grappling and all sorts of cross-training.  They go great under a kimono and the extra band around the thighs keep them from running up into your crotch. 

Atama Vale Tudo Shorts:

Manufacturer Information:
Regular length comes to mid thigh. These vale tudo shorts are made from heavy duty lycra for a snug comfortable fit that will move with you. Features draw string waist to stay put. Great for no gi training/competition and also good to wear under your gi.

Adult sizes S-XXXL
Childrens sizes S,M,L

 Company Size Chart:
Waist inches Size 
23-25 Childrens-Small
25-27 Childrens-Medium
27-29 Childrens-Large
29-31 Adult-Small
31-33 Adult-Medium
33-35 Adult-Large
35-37 Adult-X-Large
37-40 Adult-XX-Large
40-44 Adult-XXX-Large

Note that the size chart for Atama is based on waist measurements.  Both the men's and the women's shorts are the size as far as sizing; the men's small and women's small are both based on 29-31 inch waist circumference.  In a stunning development, the women's shorts are differentiated by the color pink while the men's and kid's shorts come in solid black, black with white banding and the suprisingly colorful black with yellow banding for those of you who want to look like a bumble bee.  The nice thing about the color choices with the Atama brand is that you can easily order men's or children's shorts in solid black if you are a goth fighter, like me, who only trains in black.


Note:  I ended up ordering a kid's large in order to get the solid black pair.

Waist:  The Atama shorts sit slightly higher in the waist than my Koral shorts which is ultimately more flattering and, more important, more functional than a lower-waist short.  I don't feel like I am constantly having to hike them up.

Legs:  Bearing in mind that these particular shorts are made for children, they do end up being a little short.  The elastic band sits right underneath the extra junk around your inner thigh (you know what I mean...that juicy part of your inner thigh that most shorts roll up and into your crotch).  The band is not constricting; it does not, as a client of mine mentioned, make you have a muffin bottom.

Crotch:  The biggest issue with wearing training shorts designed for men, especially Vale Tudo shorts, is that there is often extra space in the crotch to accommodate a cup.  Several years ago I went through four different brands trying to find a pair of Vale Tudo shorts that did not look like a deflated balloon between my legs.  One particular brand was so ridiculous that I stuffed a sock in there and paraded about in front of Mike yelling, "Look at my man junk!" and making him incredibly uncomfortable.  The Atama shorts are perfect; they do not look as if they were intended for men and have a sleek crotch without giving you the almost inevitable camel toe.  Who knew that genitalia would become such a focus of purchasing shorts?

Like most of Atama's gear, these shorts are excellent.  I've had them for over three years and wear them all the time (don't worry...I was them, too) and the logo is still visible.  Certainly there are cracks in the logo across the front and the back, but the shorts themselves are in great shape.  One way to extend the life of any rashguard/compression gear is to wash in a gentle cycle but never put in the dryer.

Vale Tudo shorts are currently $41 for adults and $36 for kids.  I did notice that Atama is out of stock on nearly all the shorts except the solid black pairs.  Perhaps they will restock soon in different colors. 
Prepping for a sprint triathlon with the husband several years ago wearing my Atamas.

One last note.  Vale Tudo shorts also make great running/triathlon shorts.  It is funny that triathletes wear $200 shorts that are made exactly like the Vale Tudo shorts.  When I do a triathlon I always wear my fight shorts to remind me that though those scrawny bastards may run or bike faster than me, I'll still choke the shit out of them.  That is the kind of person I am.

The Verdict:
I love my Atamas.  I have one of their long-sleeved rashguards and it drives me crazy, but these shorts really are perfect.   

Check out the Atama Website to order shorts, tops and kimonos.


Beth Lewis said...

L.A., you totally crack me up! Those shorts are perfect for you and your humor is very endearing to me! You rock!

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