Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Product Review: FighterGirls Women's MMA Gloves

Finding women-specific training gear is nearly impossible.  In an industry defined and dominated by testosterone, most companies have begrudgingly provided a token pair of baby-pink boxing gloves, often described as 'Fitness Bag Gloves' (as opposed to regular bag gloves); fitness bag gloves can only be worn while hitting a wave-master on the highly polished wood floor of the multi-use classroom in Globo-gyms across America.  Beyond the garish color, there is little or no technical difference in the hot-pink women's glove and the more basic black glove designed for men.  This disparity becomes even more apparent when shopping for MMA gloves.

There are few companies offering gear designed specifically for women.  I have always purchased boxing gloves based on their construction and chose a smaller hand size when available.  Almost a year ago, I decided I wanted a pair of MMA gloves and found, to no surprise, that there were no women's MMA gloves sold by Title, my go-to company for gear.  Title makes a pink MMA glove, but again, there is no structural difference.  I ended up ordering a pair from Triumph, whose boxing gloves I love, in their smallest, ie regular, size.  The gloves were monstrously big and I do not have tiny lady hands.  They were uncomfortable and unwearable.  

So I decided to order a pair from the FighterGirls store.  At the time, the gloves were $45 and available in blue, purple, white, green and pink.  


Fighter Girls offers MMA gloves in hideous baby pink?  I fell out of my chair in shock when I saw those!  Seriously though, Fighter Girls offers several colors to choose from, although there is apparently no hope of every buying any women's MMA gear in black.


Fit:  These gloves really fit your hands well and provide excellent wrist support for an MMA glove.  Like many fighters, male and female, I like my gloves to fit snug around the wrist, which can be difficult to achieve when choosing from gloves designed for larger bone structure.  The FighterGirls MMA gloves have a long strap which wraps around the wrist one full rotation.  The glove ends fight above the knuckle line.

Quality:  The gloves are made of leather and are incredibly soft and supple.  Although all MMA gloves require an initial break-in period where your knuckles are raw and your hand just plain hurts, I felt like the FigherGirls gloves became wearable much faster than my poor husband's gloves.  He and I bought our MMA gloves within a week of each other and although mine came in later, they were definitely broken in faster. 

Price:  $45 regular price and now $40 on sale.  Absolutely unbeatable.

The Verdict:
I love these gloves.  Even people who know nothing about training think they are bad-ass, not that their opinion matters (it absolutely does matter).  FighterGirls MMA gloves are striking (get it?), comfortable and well-made.  Although I am not a fan of most of the colors, it is refreshing to have an assortment to choose from when purchasing a glove.  

Buy your pair of the FigherGirls MMA gloves at their store



Erin said...

Thanks for the review! We just posted this on FG's site as well :)

MMA Gloves said...

Great review! Having a glove that will form and break in well is definitely something to look for when shopping for gloves.

Train.Fight.Win. said...

Thanks for the response. It is great to be able to find gear that actually fits. Now if only I could find some shinpads...

Boxing Glove said...

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