Saturday, October 8, 2011

Weekly Training Wrap-up

Sunday's are typically my rest day since I am at the gym every other day of the week.  This particular training week contained several lifting PR's for me, while my stand-up classes became centered around footwork and focusing alternately on speed and power.

-Kicking drills in the morning class, while the evening class had lots of new people so we focused on footwork in the striking class.  I substituted for Mike (because he was stuck at work) and taught an arm bar - triangle - arm bar transition.

-Basic footwork for the women's striking class.  Conditioning was based on a pyramid structure and included push-ups, squats, pull-ups and other movements.  My inner thighs are still sore.

-Implementing the hook in the morning class; pummeling and other wrestling drills in the evening class.  Later I maxed on the back squat (220lbs) and the bench press (100lbs).  My bench press is slowly improving.

-Kicking drills in the women's class and deadlift max in the conditioning class.  I hit my heaviest deadlift to date at 239lbs, although it should be much heavier than that.  250lbs will be twice my body weight and I hope to reach that next month!

-Speed/Power drills in the A.M. followed by a short hike with my lifting and training buddy, SJ.  That night was open mat and it was a big one!  I worked with a new client on technique, introduced a regular to sparring (her first time!) and then did speed/power kick drills with SJ.

-Open mat again! I worked on the incline bench press, pull-ups, dips and shrugs followed by a lower-body conditioning workout.  Finished off with several rounds on the bag and was done.

Weekly Assessment:

My fighters are all making progress and we will continue to work on speed and agility on the mat.  I've noticed a lot of my clients are doing their shadowboxing in front of the mirror, which can be useful but can also hinder footwork progress. 

Good progress on the lifting front but definitely looking forward to next week's 'deload.'  I've also noticed that might right foot tends to stay planted during the switch kick when I get tired, which has led to a slight twinge in my knee.  I am going to try to focus on rotation on the toes next week.

My longstanding pain from my sciatic nerve is getting better, although any type of deep hamstring work exacerbates the problem.  I'm taking a break from 'good mornings' until the pain subsides.

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