Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Product Reviews and Peri-Workout Supplementation

Hi Guys!  As I finish up this dissertation and prepare to start writing my book on female fighters, I am going to try to maintain a steady stream of product reviews for the blog.  I am the kind of girl who has to read reviews on a product before I buy and I figure there are a lot of y'all out there who like to do the same. 

The following reviews will be coming down the pipeline over the next couple of weeks:
-Tussle Fight Gear Vale Tudo shorts and sports bra
-Fighter Girls Vale Tudo shorts
-Jaco long sleeve rashguard
-Shin guards round-up

-Please let me know if there is any other gear you would like reviewed or any gear you have tried recently.  

Peri-Workout Supplementation

Several weeks ago the schedule at our gym changed.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays I teach three one-hour classes in a row:  women's kickboxing, fighter conditioning and striking strategy.  Each of these classes are very physically demanding and even if I don't train all of them I still feel tuckered out by the time that last class rolls around. 

I am not really in to using workout supplementation; I eat a lot of food throughout the day and usually that is enough to get me through my workout and back home for dinner.  However, this three hour session has been kicking my ass so I decided to follow the advice I give my own clients and concoct a drink I can take down before the striking strategy class.

Peri-Workout supplementation is taken during a workout.  For this type of high intensity, glucose-depleting training I recommend clients take a 2:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein in the form of a shake.  However, right now I am trying to lean out a little more and increase my muscle mass so I am doing a little less carbs and more protein.  I feel like a nerd for jumping on the coconut water bandwagon but damn if it isn't delicious.  Plus juice gives me heartburn.

L.A.'s Peri-Workout shake

This shake contains equal parts carbohydrate and protein.  Again, I think it is important to eat adequate amounts of protein and carbohydrate at least two hours pre-workout when doing a very intensive training session.  I use this shake during my Tuesday/Thursday sessions and on Saturday between lifting and running sprints. 

8oz O.N.E. coconut water
1/2 scoop plain protein powder
3-4 ice cubes

Carbs:  11g
Protein:  10g
Fat:  0g
100 Calories total

What type of supplementation do you use during your training sessions? 

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