Saturday, June 1, 2013

Dissertation Update

Three weeks ago, I successfully defended my doctoral dissertation.

Post-defense celebration with the man

Which means...I am through!  Finished!  Donezo!  I continue to remind myself, while I am sitting around my house in my underwear writing, just like I was a month ago, that I am a MOTHER FUCKING DOCTOR! 

So now what?  Well, I have to write this book.  You know, the one about the history of female fighters.  The one that is due to the publishers exactly one year from today.  That one.  And that is where I will be for the next 365 days.  Once the manuscript is in, I'll hop back over here to the blog and start updating.  Wish me luck!

In the meantime, here are a few things to consider reading:

This is the link to an article that the Westword did about me before a talk on feminism and full-contact sports.  L.A. Jennings, Scholar and Fighter, has a damn nice ring to it.

Here is a link to my girl, Sylvie's page about fighting in Thailand.  I interviewed Sylvie a while back and got to train with her a year ago just before she left for Thailand.  Her blog posts are fascinating. 

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slideyfoot said...

Congrats, Dr! I look forward to reading the book on my Kindle, so hopefully your publishers will offer that option. :D