Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Feminism and MMA: the New York state edition

Yesterday, I was asked by Fightland magazine to comment on the recent debate surrounding the fight in New York state to sanction MMA. This is a response to the organization NOW, which I admire, but made some faulty theoretical claims about how the sport of MMA necessarily needs to violence against women.
 You can read the original letter from NOW here:
I think there needs to be accountability and consequences for MMA fighters who use misogynistic and harmful language in the media.  Perhaps more organizations, like Invicta, should raise money and awareness for victims of domestic abuse.  It is up to men to police each other from making light of rape and violence, but if New York state does not allow MMA to become a sanctioned sport because of a few athletes who have made terrible statements about rape, then shouldn't the entire Republican party be banned? 

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